Installation of Club Officers

The installing officer makes a short, informal speech, not more than one minute, and then commences the installation. Installing officers can be anyone who has attained at least the office of Club President in the past.

Secretary (name) “Have the incoming officers of the (name) Lions Club been properly elected”?

I will now call forth the officers and will briefly outline their duties so that all present will know what is expected of them.

Lions Club Lion Tamer

Lion (name):  You are in charge of and responsible for the Clubs’ property. It will be your responsibility to see that the banner, gong, flags, and other designated property of this club is properly displayed for all club meetings.

Lion (name) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Club Tail Twister

Lion (name):  It is your responsibility to maintain harmony, encourage good fellowship, put life and enthusiasm into the (name) Clubs meetings, and to collect fines.  We ask that you use judgment in the assessment of these fines, and to be unique and creative in your reasons for fining members, guests, and visitors.  The success of the meetings will depend on you resourcefulness in promoting fun, and laughter, and making members forget their business worries and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow Lions.

Lion (name) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Club Directors

Lions, along with the Officers of the (name) Lions Club, you will comprise the Board of Directors.  This is a very important position.  You will be assisting in the formulation and execution of the (name) Lions Clubs policies, directing general expenditures, and will in general be a member of the ‘guiding body’ of the (name) Lions Club.  You will be asked to the best of your ability to attend all regular club meetings, special meetings of the Board of Directors, and to give unselfishly of your time and efforts to advance the efforts of the (name) Lions Club.

Lions (names) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Clubs Vice Presidents – 3rd, 2nd and 1st

Lions, the duties that were previously given to the Directors also apply to you.  In the event your Clubs President absence at Club, or Board of Directors meetings, in order, you will substitute.  Yours is far more than an honorary position.  You will each be given distinct responsibilities which might include overseeing the operating committees of the (name) Lions Club which have been designated by your Club President.

Lions (names) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Club Treasurer

Lion (name):  You are the custodian of the funds of the (name) Lions Club.  You will keep these funds deposited in a bank designated by your Board of Directors.  You will assist your Finance Committee in budgets, statements, and keeping the Clubs Board of Directors advised of the financial status of your club. You will disburse funds as directed by the (name) Clubs Board of Directors.

Lion (name) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Club Secretary

Lion (name) your job is the most important job in the (name) Lions Club.  The success of the Club and your Club President depends on your efficiency.  You are the President’s right hand.  Under the President and Board of Directors direction, you are the official liaison officer between the (name) Lions Club, the District, and Lions Clubs International.  All communications pass through you, and it is your duty to see that they are referred properly throughout your club. 

It is also your responsibility to submit monthly reports to Lions Clubs International, and to the District Officers as directed by the District Governor.  It is your responsibility to keep general record, collect and turn over to the Club Treasurer all dues, and other monies.

You will be a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee, and as such, you will be expected to attend Advisory Meetings, Region Meetings, and Zone Meetings. 

Lion (name) do you promise to fulfill these duties to the best of your ability?

Lions Club President

Invite the outgoing President and partner, and President Elect and partner. Present one rose to each partner, light one candle and present to the outgoing President.*

Secretary (name), Lionism involves the entire family. The time, and sacrifices are shared by all.   Without complete support from your family, as President you cannot give 100% during your year.  (outgoing President partners’ name) and (incoming President partners’ name):  You each hold a rose.  The rose, in its beauty is a symbol of love.  The rose in its’ beauty is a symbol of love.  It is the love and compassion we hold for our fellow man that is at the heart of Lionism.

President (name outgoing President), you hold the torch of Lionism.  Under your reign, the (name) Club has flourished.  The (name) Club has served Lionism well.  As you reflect back on this year, you will come to realize that it was one of the most rewarding years of your life.  This year, you have had the opportunity to express your love, concern, and compassion for mankind.  You’ve put forth the effort to inspire and motivate the (name) Lions Club, and to make your community and the world a better place to live.

Now, like the Lions head on our banner, as you pause for a moment to reflect on this past year, we ask that you pass the torch of Lionism on to Lion (name).  As you pass the torch to Lion (name), do so, knowing this year has strengthened your belief that you must continue to serve your fellow man.

President Elect (name), we ask that you accept the torch of Lionism you reflect on the hope of the future, a future in which there is no world of darkness, and the beauty of the light and the rose may be shared by all.

You are one of over (obtain from LCI) incoming Presidents throughout the world, each of them dedicated to lead their individual clubs to make life a little brighter for those who are less fortunate than we are. 

Lions united, with a dedication, join hands together in the service of mankind, and by doing so, make this world better for all. The light of Lionism glows brighter each year, we ask that you let the rose strengthen your love of mankind, and let the torch light your way as you guide the (name) Lions Club towards their bright future.

As President of the (name) Lions Club it will be your responsibility to continue the works of Immediate Past President (name) and to make certain your club continues to serve your community.  At the end of your year as President, it will be your peers who judge how well you have fulfilled your task.

You will be asked to fill all of the Administrative Committees, you will serve as an ad hoc member of your Board of Directors, and you will also serve on the District Governor’s Advisory Board.

Knowing all the responsibilities and challenges that you face as President of the (name) Lions Club, do you promise to do your best to fulfill these duties?

I now declare the officers of the (name) Lions Club for the (year) Lions year duly installed.

Congratulations to each and every one of you and my wishes for a successful year.

* the candle can be omitted if local restrictions exist and an electric candle may be used.