District 33K Lions

District 33-K Bulletin Editor

The District Bulletin Editor works with the District Governor, Vice District Governors and the Cabinet Secretary Treasurer to bring the Lions of our District information that they need to know. This information often includes upcoming events in our District, our Multiple District and Lions Clubs International.

You may also find information about other club events in our District Bulletin. All Clubs are encouraged to submit information about special programs they might be running to the District Bulletin Editor for publication in our Bulletin.

District 33K Charities

Through the generosity of the Lions of District 33-K we are able to extend our giving programs to a number of different organizations. Working in conjunction with the Chairperson, the District Governor has brought the following charities under the umbrella:  District 33K Charities:

Carroll Center for the Blind - The Carroll Center serves blind and visually-impaired persons by providing rehabilitation, skills training, and educational opportunities to achieve independence, self-sufficiency, and self-fulfillment and by educating the public regarding the potential of persons who are blind and visually-impaired.

Enabling Needs Foundation - The Enabling Needs foundation run by Lion Robert Ambrose (Somerville Lions) collects and refurbishes used computers and distributes them to inner city schools and other types of facilities who might not otherwise enjoy the use of such equipment.  Monetary donations are used to purchase special software.

Clara Barton Center for Diabetes - Since 1932, Clara Barton Diabetes Center has provided an unparalleled camp experience in a safe, caring environment. Campers have the opportunity to learn more about diabetes while participating in traditional camp fun.

Perkins School for the Blind - The rich history of Perkins began with its founding nearly 175 years ago as the first school for the blind in the United States. Within a few short years, Perkins became known for its effective instructional techniques, including teaching Laura Bridgman, the first known deaf-blind person to be educated. Later, a much more famous student -- Helen Keller -- came to Perkins on her way to breaking down barriers and perceptions about what people who are blind or deaf-blind can accomplish.

NEADS (New England Assistive Dogs Services, Inc.)  - a nonprofit organization established to provide Hearing and Service Dogs for people who are deaf or who use wheelchairs. These Assistance Dogs become an extension of their owners and bring security, freedom, independence and relief from social isolation to their human partners.

VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) - an organization of optometrists and other interested individuals who are dedicated to providing vision care to people around the world who cannot afford or obtain it.

Fidelco – Guide Dog Foundation - the only guide dog school located in New England, is a non-profit organization based in Bloomfield, Connecticut that breeds, raises and trains German shepherd guide dogs to be placed with blind men and women. The organization was founded in 1960 as the Fidelco Breeder's Foundation and donated dogs to several guide dog schools until 1981, when the current organization was expanded to include a training program.

Clubs can choose to make checks payable to the individual charities or payable to District 33-K Charities. The Governor and the Chairperson of the District 33-K Charities will determine the needs of the individual entities when the District 33-K Charities funds are typically paid out semi-annually after the Mid-Winter Convention and after the final Advisory Meeting.

Best Club Contest

The Best Club contest is a fun way to get a little friendly competition going among the clubs in our District. The purpose of the contest is to encourage clubs to report their service hours, fundraising activities and all those many events that touch the lives of so many in our communities.

While we serve without much fanfare, and this is noble, there is a time for recording the wonderful work we do in our clubs. Points are awarded for such things as Community Service Projects, Donations, Fundraising Efforts, Sponsoring of new members, timely filing of monthly reports.

The rules for the Best Club Contest vary by year, based on the decisions of the District Governor. A complete list of all rules and points will be contained in the District Directory.

Diabetes Awareness

Are you aware that the leading cause of preventable blindness is Diabetes?  More than 12 million Americans have Diabetes and more than half of them are unaware of their disease and the damage it can do to their eyes and other organs. Lions Clubs International and the American Diabetes Association signed a partnership agreement to bring the strengths of both organizations to help eliminate the effects of Diabetes.

Contact our District Diabetes Awareness Chairperson for information, brochures or if your Club, Zone or Region would like to have a speaker. The Diabetes Awareness Chairperson can also help you obtain materials for distribution in your community.

Eye Research Journey for Sight

Our Journey for Sight program has many aspects including canisters, which can be placed in local businesses, restaurants and stores. Bring a canister home, drop your loose change in it and see just how much you can raise on your own in a year!

Various other activities are done under the Journey for Sight banner, including Road Races, Walk-A-Thons, and toll roads.

Does your club have a special fundraiser they use for Journey for Sight? Did you know that funds raised under "Journey for Sight' are included in your club’s annual total to Mass Lions Eye Research? The Journey for Sight Chairperson can help you arrange for a runner, walker, or help you find just the right project for your club!

Eye Research Memorials

The Mass Lions Eye Research Memorial program while typically used as a Memorial for a friend, family member or fellow Lion can also be used to honor the living as well.

There are many reasons why you might want to do this, anniversary, birthdays, graduations or perhaps just to say thank you. Collection envelopes are available from your Eye Research Memorial Chairperson. These envelopes can be put out during your fundraising drives along with MLERF brochures to educate our communities on all the good work that is done by Mass Lions Eye Research Fund. This is one of the many programs that can help your club increase your donations to Mass Lions Eye Research.

Lions Eye Health Program

Help meet our global challenge!  The Lions Eye Health Program is a community service program with the singular goal to eradicate preventable blindness caused by diabetic eye disease and glaucoma by reaching people who are the most at risk. LEHP encourages annual comprehensive eye exams and provides sight saving materials to groups most as risk.

Did you know that African Americans over the age of 40, anyone over the age of 60, Hispanics, and anyone with Diabetes is at risk for blindness? Please distribute LEHP materials at your local Senior Center, schedule the District 33-K Eyemobile and conduct screenings to increase awareness in your community.

Materials are available for a nominal cost from Lions Clubs International or free of charge from the National Eye Institute. Your Lions Eye Health Program Chairperson can come to your club, zone or region meetings and talk about these important topics that are of special interest to all of us.

Materials can be ordered from the National Eye Institutes website free of charge at: http://www.nei.nih.gov/order/index.htm or by writing to them at National Eye Institute, 2020 Vision Place, Bethesda, MD  20892-3655. 

Brochures that are available include Patient Care Brochures, bookmarks, the "Don't Lose Sight’ Series and many others too numerous to mention. Contact your Lions Eye Health Program Chairperson for a complete list of materials that are available and an order form if you do not have internet access.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

More than just a program to honor worthy people who have made great contributions to the cause of service to humanity, Lions Clubs International Foundation helps in times of disaster and need. From natural disasters like hurricanes, to supporting our Eyemobile, LCIF is at work throughout the world, 

Lions Clubs International sponsored Campaign Sight First restoring the sight of nearly two million people by performing cataract operations in underdeveloped countries. Lions Clubs International also sponsors the popular Youth Program, Lions Quest. Remember, that your club can honor a member of your club, or a member of your community by making a donation to Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Donations to LCIF for a Melvin Jones Fellowship must be clearly specified on the check as being for a Melvin Jones Fellow. Your club is also free to make 'unspecified' donations towards a future Melvin Jones Fellowship with the recipient to be named at a later date.

Donations can be made for up to ten years towards the fulfillment of a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships may also be awarded to those members of your club or community who have already been given this honor. All of the funds donated towards Melvin Jones Fellowships are put towards humanitarian needs.

LEOS Clubs

Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. LEO Clubs are a great asset to our District and to our Lions Clubs.

Each year, the number of LEO members in our District is growing and more and more service hours are being provided by these young adults with a desire to be part of serving their communities.

LEO Clubs are a vital and important part of Lions in our District and they are our leaders of tomorrow both in our Lions Clubs and in our communities. To learn more about how your club can start a LEO Club, contact our District LEO Club Advisor and have them come out and talk to your club about how to get started.

Necrology Services

Unfortunately, our District loses many Lions each year to death.

The Lions of Massachusetts like so many Lions Clubs around the world conduct Necrology Services to recognize the contributions that the departed Lion has made to their communities and to Lionism.

This brief but moving ceremony is a fitting tribute to the caring and sharing of a Lion. This service can be arranged at the request of the Lions Club or the family by contacting the Necrology Services Committee.

It is strongly recommended that if your club wishes to conduct a Necrology Service that you speak with the family of the Lion first and take into consideration the families wishes.

Peace Poster Contest

This is a great opportunity for Lions and LEO Club members to get involved with the youth of our communities.

The Peace Poster Contest is open to students who are between the ages of 11-13 and is sponsored by Lions Clubs International. There are important deadlines and certain rules that must be adhered to for this contest that can disqualify someone from participating in this contest. The theme is selected annually by Lions Clubs International.

Public Relations

Public relations are very important to all of our clubs.  If our communities do not know what we are doing for them, they will become less and less willing to help support our endeavors.

A good public relations campaign will help let people know who we are, what we stand for, where we hold our projects, when we need their help, and why we need their help!

If your club is in need of press releases, contacts at newspapers or other Public Relations advice, we're here to assist you in getting the word out in your community.

Various Public Relations materials are available to you simply by asking!  They are also available on the Lions Clubs International website, many of them may be downloaded and customized for use by your club.

Run Into the Light

The run into the light project is one that all of our clubs can participate in if they choose to.  The funds raised from this event go to Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc..

You can receive names of runners in the Boston Marathon, and help them obtain sponsors for the run.

This is a relatively easy way to raise additional funds for Mass Lions Eye Research and to bring some attention to your club at the same time. The runner needs to be contacted by the local Lions Club and you'll need to help them get sponsors.  This is a fundraiser that does require some attention, if you are willing to put forth the effort to support the program, the Run Into the Light will continue to be one of our successful fundraising projects.

Youth Speech Contest

The Youth Speech Contest is by far one of the most rewarding youth projects we take on as a Multiple District.

Each year, we encourage high school students to participate in a contest and give them the opportunity to fine tune their public speaking skills. Each year, the topic is selected by the Multiple District Youth Speech Contest Committee. 

As individual clubs, we get the opportunity to see some wonderful young people express their views on a variety of topics. Important deadlines to apply to this contest so it is important to follow up with the students early in the year so that they'll be eligible to compete at our District Contest.

USA/Canada Forum

 The USA/Canada Forum is a Leadership Training Forum which provides an opportunity for Lions from all over North America to come together and share ideas and friendship.

 Each year, the Forum provides exciting Leadership training courses as well as a motivational speaker.  You will find the Leadership Training courses will not only help you in your Lions endeavors but can also help you in your everyday life and your business pursuits. The Forum is typically held in September each year and information is always available from the USA/Canada Forum Chairman.

Youth Outreach Program

We as Lions owe it to our youth to do anything we can to prevent violence that we see all too often in schools around the country. Working with community leaders, police and other civic organizations, we can make a difference to the youth in our communities.

By helping to sponsor Drug Awareness programs, we help eliminate the senseless abuse of drugs, we help rid our neighborhoods of drug dealers and at the same time we help make our communities a safer place for our children to live, play and attend schools.

Various programs are available for us to reach out to the youth in our communities, contact the Youth Outreach Chairman if you would like additional information on what your club can do to make a difference in your community

Youth Exchange Program

The Youth Exchange Program, a program of Lions Clubs International offers Lions around the world the opportunity to get acquainted with youth from other countries. Each year, students who are interested in visiting the United States stay with Lions Host families for a brief period of time.

During this time, the Lions family gets the opportunity to not only share their lives with a student from another country, but in the process has the opportunity to learn more about the student and their country. This is a program that surely shows that we are an international organization and for the right family, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the companionship and friendship of a family from overseas.

District Mid-Winter Conference

Many times you will hear fellow Lions talk about our Mid-Winter Conferences and the many friendships that get renewed at this event. The mid-winter conference offers Lions an opportunity to meet with fellow Lions and Leos and to participate in the District business sessions, hear the competition for Youth Speech Contest and to participate in Leadership training.

The mid-winter conference is a great opportunity to reach outside your club and share your successes with fellow Lions. Our Mid-winter Committee which is comprised of the Chairperson as well as the Host Club (DG’s home Club) and the Region and zone Chairpersons work to make the mid-winter a success every year.  Keep informed by reading our District Bulletin and District Email list.

Multiple District 33 State Convention

The State Convention is where the voting for our District Officers occurs annually. This is a State-Wide meeting of all Lions Clubs from Y-A-N-K-S.  This is the one opportunity that Lions from all over Massachusetts have to meet and take part in various activities including the Youth Speech Competition, hear the All-State Band perform and meet Lions from other Districts.

The weekend is ‘kicked off’ with a Multiple District Meeting on Friday, a second business session on Saturday morning where we will vote on the upcoming locations of State Conventions and finished off with the election of our District Governor and Vice District Governor for the following year.  Eyemobile Directors are also voted on at the District 33K Sub-District meeting.

District Hearing Foundation

The District Hearing Foundation was started by PDG Bette Purvis. This Foundation now is able to help your club find affordable hearing aids for those in your town who need hearing aids and are unable to afford the expense.

Funds for hearing aids should come for your Club or in conjunction with the person in need of the hearing device. If your club has someone in need of a hearing aid, you can obtain a full hearing test, moldings, fittings and a year of follow up care for significantly less than it would normally cost. Clubs are urged to learn more about the Hearing Foundation and budget for this important program.

Any donations received by the District Hearing Foundation will be used to assist those clubs who have exhausted their budget or used to defray the cost of aids for residents in those communities where we have no Lions Clubs.

Lions Organ Donation Awareness Program

(Formerly Massachusetts Lions Lazarus Program)

Give the Gift of Life!  Become and organ donor and support the Lions Organ Donation Awareness Program.  This program provides us with the ability to give gifts that are lasting and enduring.

 Members of the Lazarus Committee are available to come to your club and speak on this topic. For more information about organ and tissue donation visit the Lions Organ Donation Awareness Program website at: http://donate-organs.org/