Order of Precedence

When a Lion holds more than one title, he/she shall be recognized for the highest one. In areas that have positions in addition to those listed above, they should be recognized in accordance with local customs, provided that elective officers always have precedence over appointive ones. It is recommended that Melvin Jones Fellows be recognized as a group. In introducing speakers, their status as Melvin Jones Fellows should be mentioned.

Lions shall be recognized in the following order:

1. International President

2. Immediate Past International President/LCIF Chairperson

3. International Vice President (according to rank)

4. Past International President

5. International Director

6. LCIF Board of Trustees

7. Past International Directors

8. GLT/GMT International Coordinators, Family and Women International Coordinator


9. GLT/GMT Constitutional Area Leader

10. LCIF Area and Regional Coordinators, FWC/GLT/GMT Area Leaders and Special

Area Advisors/Japan Vice Constitutional Area Leaders  

11. Chairperson, Council of Governors

12. District Governors

13. International Administrative Officers/Constitutional Area Executive Staff

14. Immediate Past Council Chairperson

15. Past Council Chairpersons

16. Multiple District FWC/GLT/GMT and LCIF Coordinators

17. Immediate Past District Governor

18. Vice District Governors (according to rank)

19. Multiple District Committee Chairpersons

20. Past District Governors

21. Multiple District Secretary

22. Multiple District Treasurer

23. District Secretary

24. District Treasurer

25. District FWC/GLT/GMT and LCIF Coordinators

26. Region Chairperson

27. Zone Chairperson

28. District Committee Chairperson

29. Club Presidents

30. Immediate Past Club President

31. Club Past Presidents

32. Club Secretary

33. Club Treasurer

34. Multiple District Secretary  

35. Multiple District Treasurer